About Cathy Balding

Welcome! – I specialise in helping health. aged and community services make quality (clinical governance, improvement, systems, transformation) make sense! – through my books, online courses, training and consulting.  I take the theory and research, add a dose of hard experience and translate it into practical, implementable solutions that make a real difference at point of care.

But – it’s tough!  So much jargon, so many experts. What just looks good, and what really works? Does complex have to be complicated? This is what QualityBites gets to the bottom of – sorting the gloss from the dross – or trying to!

Between us we might just make quality make sense!

Dr Cathy Balding

Read more, contact me and access books, training, tools, tips and resources to help quality make sense on my strategic quality management website: www.cathybalding.com